What To Look For When Buying a Drafting Chair

What To Look For When Buying a Drafting Chair

Choosing a drafting chair may seem like an easy thing to do but, unfortunately, any designer who’s gone shopping for one will know that’s far from the truth in most cases.

A drafting chair is, on first sight, a basic design tool but, when you consider how long you spend on it and the variety of positions you adopt while working, then the requirements become a bit more complex. That’s why there are hundreds of designs, some basic and others extremely advanced and, when you throw drafting stools into the mix, choosing the right solution suddenly becomes a bit (actually a lot) more difficult.

I call this problem “Common confusion syndrome”

But, luckily, it doesn’t have to be as big a problem as it may seem. All you have to do is read this article to get some buyers tips so that you know exactly what to look for! Ok, so that sounds pretty vague but let’s work it out step by step.

Fist off, lets get one thing straight – a drafting chair is usually a better choice than a drafting stool. A drafting stool provides very low (and often no) ergonomic and comfort elements. Your back is left to defend itself against a plethora of sprains and strains so, in my opinion, buying a stool is generally a bad idea, especially if you are going to be spending any substantial amount of time in the hot seat. Therefore, before you start thinking of stools always keep in mind a chair is by far the better health-wise decision.

Drafting chairs usually come in one of three forms: basic, intermediate and advanced. A basic chair will offer the simplest features such as: a supportive backpiece, armrests and footrests. An intermediate chair will go a little further and possibly throw in features such as swivel mechanisms and adjustable height.

The advanced drafting chair however, is the best choice for most professional, or serious hobby, designers. Such a chair will offer: great padding in all the right areas; a smooth swivel mechanism; reclining backrest, adjustable back, head and arm rests and even removable cushions. In fact, everything to offer ergonomic sanctity.

Usually, the best decision you can make when buying a drafting chair is going for the best one that your budget allows. Often, buying a chair with the basic features might be a regrettable decision  – remember the old adage, buy cheap – pay dear! Try to get as may features and the best quality material that you can, oh, and, of course, remember to read plenty of drafting chair reviews.


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