What To Look For When Buying a Drafting Chair

A drafting chair may seem like the most simple thing you’d have to buy for your designing needs but unfortunately any designer that’s gone shopping for a drafting chair will know that’s more than just far from the truth.

A drafting chair is seemingly the most basic designing device from one angle and from the other it can be as complex and baffling as you make it. There are hundreds of designs, some are basic and others even more advanced than imaginable. Drafting stools also through in their fair share of confusion.

Furthermore, online retailers are a dime a dozen and the task of finding the perfect drafting chair feels like a forgotten dream.

Common confusion syndrome…

Well, there is a way to simplify your drafting chair shopping to a large extent. All you have to do is know exactly what to look for! Though that may sound pretty vague but let’s work it out to be a little simpler.

A drafting chair is quite commonly a better choice than a drafting stool. A drafting stool provides very low (and often no) ergonomic and comfort elements. Your back is left to defend itself against the plethora of sprains and buying a stool is generally a bad idea. Therefore, before you start thinking of stools always keep in mind a chair is by far the better health-wise decision.

Drafting chairs are usually of 3 types: basic, intermediate and advanced. A basic chair will offer the simplest features such as: a supportive backpiece, armrests and footrests. An intermediate chair will go a little further and possibly throw in features such as swivel mechanisms.

The advanced drafting chair however, is a little more than you’d expect. A good chair will offer: great padding in all the right areas; a perfected swivel mechanism; reclining backrest features and everything to offer ergonomic sanctity.

Usually, the best decision you can make when buying a drafting chair is going for the best your money can buy. Often, buying a chair with the basic features might be a regrettable decision due to all the future health concerns. The same way, buying an intermediate chair will be a great short term solution but your long term concerns will be a little neglected. Therefore, always look for the best and search for drafting chair reviews online to help you out along the way.

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