What Is A Drafting Stool?

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What Is A Drafting Stool?

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While drafting tables are an essential piece of equipment for draftsmen and architects , drafting stools are equally important. Every person who values the work they do know how important the right tools and equipment are for working safely and efficiently. This is especially true for professions that require you to work in a single position for long periods of time. Such is the case for architects and draftsmen who can spend hours bent over a drafting table or in front of a computer. These long hours demand that they use the most ergonomic tables and chairs possible, in order to increase their comfort levels and reduce risk of injury.

Architects and draftsmen require a lot of tools to do their jobs correctly and efficiently. These tools range from simple paper, pencils, sharpeners and erasers, to the more specialized T-squares, eraser shields, scales, stencils, French curves, compasses, protractors and architect lettering guides. Of course, in most cases these tools have now been replaced by the computer but, despite this, nothing comes close to the importance of a good quality, adjustable drafting table and drafting stool. Both are specialized pieces of furniture that no draftsman/drafter or architect can do without. Just as it is almost impossible to use a regular table for drafting, it is very uncomfortable to use regular office chairs for drafting tasks.

Why Do I Need A Drafting Stool?

Even at their lowest settings, drafting tables are typically taller than regular tables and desks. During use, these are often adjusted upwards so that the resulting height is significantly taller than regular desks. This fact makes working with regular chairs almost impossible. It is also the reason why adjustability is the one of the most basic requirement for a good drafting stool. With adjustable tables, it makes sense to use a fully adjustable stool to and adjust it to a height that makes it comfortable to at in relation to the table. In addition, drafting stools are designed for perching, not relaxed sitting. Their unique design prevents slouching and actually encourages better posture while working.

What To Look For In A Drafting Stool 

The more common models looks a lot like a regular office chair, except that they ares fully height adjustable and often come with a footrest so your feet have support when the chair is being used at the taller settings. Better quality models are also designed with ergonomic features in mind, which include armrests and lumbar support. The second model has no back to it, which translates into no back support but improved mobility for moving easily between workstations. These backless versions are also fully height adjustable and come with footrests. Some models such as the Boss Drafting Stool with Adjustable Arms and Footring easily convert between chair and backless stool.

More advanced models such black fabric mesh drafting stool from Flash Furniture come with premium features such as a breathable mesh fabric useful for keeping users cool in humid and warm climates and a posture locking adjustment. These models are typically designed to be more ergonomic to encourage good posture that prevents back and neck pain common to architects and drafters. Ergonomic features may include any one or a combination of the following features:

  • Adjustable tension tilt
  • Seat slider
  • Proprietary contoured lumbar support
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Breathable fabric
  • Adjustable foot rests

For higher end models, these features can be adjusted in impressive variety of seat, back, height and arm rest positions. For fully automatic models, these features can be accessed through a one-touch automatic lever. These drafting chairs and stools are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, feature sets and price points. This variety makes it easy for anybody to find the perfect drafting stools to fit specific needs and preferences.

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What Is A Drafting Stool?

While drafting tables are an essential piece of equipment for draftsmen and architects , drafting stools are equally important. Every person who values the work

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