Elements of a Good Backpiece

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If you ask any drafting chair expert or even casual user what the most important aspect of a drafting chair is you’ll quite often hear the same answer – the backpiece!

Elements of a Good Backpiece

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When it comes to drafting chairs there are a number of features that you should consider and some of them may not be obvious at first glance. However,  once you’re aware of what to look for, this knowledge can really make a difference and help you to get the right model.

If you ask any drafting chair expert or even casual user what the most important aspect of a drafting chair is you’ll quite often hear the same answer – the backpiece!

The backpiece is not only the most comfort related factor of any drafting chair, it’s also one of the most important aspects for safety as well. The backpiece allows you to get a little more comfortable when you’re on your next break or when you’re spending a lot of time in the seat diving deep into designing problems. For many people having a suitable backpiece is the key to having a great drafting chair experience.

Even though the notion of a backpiece seems fairly straightforward you might be surprised to know that it’s actually one of the most complicated of  the components. A great backpiece not only has one, but rather has several important functions to perform. So, let’s look quickly at some of the factors that the best backpieces should address.


Padding is a comfort and support related factor. The padding of your drafting chair should be firm and deep. The balance of the padding should be in all the right areas and likewise it should be in the right proportions. Poor padding and wrongly placed padding can be the source of backaches and pains following continuous use. So, make sure the padding on your drafting chair is well formed and not too soft. If you can, do a touch test and watch to see if your finger can push the padding back with a little nudge – if it can then this is just about optimal.


Ergonomics and design are also key features of a great drafting chair. Good ergonomics will allow you to sink back with ease and relieve the stress placed on your back while bending over. If your backpiece is particularly straight then it isn’t designed well since your spine needs comfort curves.

Having the ability to recline is a feature of many backpieces available on the market these days. This is a relatively new feature on many chairs and can add a bit to the cost, but its well worth the extra investment. It truly is a blessing to designers that need to take the occasional break. Having a backpiece that reclines gives you the same experience of lying down, (but if the boss asks its only for a few minutes of course!)

Adjust-ability is another feature which is appearing on more chairs these days. Adjustable backpieces  can be extended for people with longer torsos or can be shortened if necessary.

So, as you can see, there are many elements to a great backpiece and incorporating all of them is the real key to finding the best drafting chair. Now that you have a better understanding, check out some drafting chair reviews!

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