Drafting Chair Features Explained

Drafting Chair Features Explained

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A drafting chair is a great asset for and serious designer. Along with the utility they provide, the better drafting chairs on the market are often praised for their ergonomic benefits as well. Drafting chairs are often compared to drafting stools but the latter provide nowhere near the comfort and utility that drafting chairs do. Therefore, any designer who has used both will always recommend a chair as the long term preference.

Buying a drafting chair can create a few dilemmas if you don’t know all the features that the good ones may provide. That’s why, in this article we’re going to discuss the various features of drafting chairs to help you get a better idea of what to look for in the search for your ideal chair.

The Back Piece

The back piece is an integral component of a good drafting chair. It provides support to your back and helps to avoid sprains and other possible injuries that may occur. Not to mention, a back piece will let you get some rest while you’re on a break from your designing onslaught by just kicking back for a few minutes. Always look for a great back piece in your drafting chair and check for ergonomic design and padding features. Don’t ever purchase a drafting chair if you’re not particularly sure about the back piece. The best drafting chairs often come with retractable back pieces that can shift slightly backwards when you need them to and this is a great comfort benefit. Again, this isn’t an absolute necessity but it is nice to have it to relax every now and again.

Arm Rests

Arm rests might seem like one of the simplest elements of a chair design but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. An arm rest that’s as hard as a rock should generally be avoided, you don’t want your chair taking hits at you while you’re tired designing! Instead, look for an arm rest that’s well padded and usually a little curved towards the end so you can wrap your fingers around it. Also, try to avoid armrests that are a little too long as they might end up hitting against your table.

Foot Bar

A foot bar is the place where your heels can find some support and not dangle down. A foot bar is actually quite a necessity, especially if you have shorter legs or if you spend long periods of time in the chair since, with most drafting chairs,  you’re can be at a pretty decent height from your floor. Look for foot bars that are sturdy enough for your needs.

Swivel Mechanism

These are one of the most important functional aspects of a good drafting chair. They enable you to reach and turn to get things in reach without having to leave the chair and so, they not only save time they require less effort. They also enable you to place less stress on your neck and back as you don not have to twist your body to talk to colleagues or pick up things that are nearby. Our advice is to keep it simple when it comes to the swivel mechanism, look for swivel mechanisms with a moderate range of adjustment as the more complex (and hence more expensive) options generally speaking aren’t worth the extra money.

So, they re you have it, as you can see there quite a few features that you should take into consideration when buying a drafting chair but, now that you know what they are its time to go and hunt down the perfect one for your needs.

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