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We have a passion for design. As a diverse team of architects, designers and engineers, the one thing we all appreciate is the value of a good quality drafting chair.

Lets face it, we spend as much time, if not more, in our chairs than we do in our beds, cars or bath – well, you get the idea.

That’s why its important for you, as a design professional that one of the main tools of the trade, your drafting chair, is right for your workspace, your job and, most important of all, for you!

Bad backs, lumber problems, numbness, fatigue and lack of concentration can all be caused by a poorly designed and unsuitable chair. But, thanks to our panel of expert authors, you dont need to suffer from these problems – and whats more you wont have to break the bank to get the right kit.

Every month we review the latest drafting chairs, drafting stools and drafting desks and help to make your workplace a healthier and happier one. And lets not forget about the better designs and better productivity that you will enjoy as a result!

So, thanks for visiting, and we hope you find the content here useful. if you would like to contribute or just get in touch for any other reason, why not head over to the contact page and give us a shout.


The Drafting Chair Reviews Team

Our experts


Todd Le Blanc

Todd is a full time architect from Dallas and part time author/blogger. He has been helping us develop this website in return for coffee, yellow M&Ms and just because we’re great guys. (We also wrote this bio :))



ian walters

Ian is an experienced architect having spent most of his working life in drafting offices all around the world. Hes our go-to guy when it comes to the engineering and aviation sectors and there almost nothing he doesn’t know about chairs. When not writing or drafting he loves football and motor sports.



jenna black

Jenna has been with the team as a valued contributor for 2 years now. When not working in her design studio in Oakwood, she loves to go hiking with her 2 spaniels Buddy and Fox.


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