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If so, you probably should spend some time researching which drafting chair will best suit your needs and then go get one! 


As we all know drafting chairs can be expensive and there’s a lot of choice out there – as well as a lot of conflicting information.

However, if you are struggling over which chair to buy then fear not, because  we can help.

Our team of experts have researched the best deals, found the best chairs for different jobs and environments and brought all of this amazing information together in one handy location – welcome to Drafting Chair Reviews!

Drafting Chairs

An essential tool for every draftsman, designer and architect. You spend most of the day on it, so make sure its right for you.

drafting stools

When space is tight, or costs are a factor why not go for a drafting stool instead?

drafting desks

A good quality drafting desk goes hand in hand with your chair. Find out how match them up for the greatest benefit.

A good drafting chair is the difference between a productive day at work and a day when you may have well stayed at home
Bert Kowalski
Graphic Designer

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What Is A Drafting Desk?

Having a good drafting desk means more than simply choosing a desk that coordinates with the rest of the office. You really need to make sure that your desk fulfills its intended function as well. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one:

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What Is A Drafting Stool?

While drafting tables are an essential piece of equipment for draftsmen and architects , drafting stools are equally important. Every person who values the work

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We do all of the legwork to bring you the best drafting chairs, tables and stools on the market.


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